Sabernomics in Sports Illustrated

Albert Chen mentions my Leo Mazzone study in this week’s Inside Baseball. You can read the first part for free, but you have to subscribe to read the rest.

In 2004 economist and sabermetrician J.C. Bradbury set out to dispel the legend of Leo Mazzone, the pitching coach hailed by many as baseball’s King Midas for his ability to transform journeyman pitchers into All-Stars and routinely roll out some of the best staffs in baseball. Seeking to use empirical evidence to prove that Mazzone’s success in 15 years with the Braves was merely anecdotal, Bradbury ran a study of every pitcher who worked with Mazzone in Atlanta. He was astonished by his findings: Working with Mazzone shaved .60 points off a pitcher’s projected ERA for that season.

Thanks to Albert for mentioning the study, and thanks to Brian for pointing me to the article.

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