The Best Paragraph I’ve Read Today

To borrow from Tyler Cowen.

From Terence Moore:

Somewhere it is written that man cannot live by offense alone. Sooner than later, when the Braves’ hitters become Clark Kents again, the Braves’ pitchers will be exposed as Lois Lanes again. And the Braves will start sinking faster than a speeding bullet in the standings again.

I remain extremely pessimistic about the Braves chances. I have seen many students fall into the trap of confusing the remotely possible with the likely outcome. If you fail the midterm exams, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the 100 needed to get a C in the course.

6 Responses “The Best Paragraph I’ve Read Today”

  1. You forgot one salient point: Terence Moore always badmouths Atlanta and he’s an idiot.

    Yes, his Superman comment was a little clever, but it doesn’t overcome his stupidity and his pathetic track record. He has frequently predicted the demise of the Braves and they have continued to win.

    Personally, I think that the Braves have a 50%chance of getting the wildcard and even a 25% or so chance of winning the division. The Mets, no matter what stars they have, always falter and the Braves always step up. The question is: Can the Braves step up when the Mets step down this year? There’s a chance. It’s not a probability, but it is a solid possibility. And if Schuerholz can make a solid trade for some more pitching, those odds go up.

  2. flournoy says:

    Terence Moore probably still believes that if the Braves are to go anywhere this year, it will be because of Brian Jordan.

  3. Andrew says:

    Wickman makes us way better immediately. Terence Moore is an idiot. And like RightOnPeachtree said, the Mets fail down the stretch, the Braves win down the stretch. And the Braves have 9 games left with these old Mets (well the pitchers are really old at least).

  4. JC says:

    Moore may not be right much, but he’s right today. Let him have his moment. The Braves have no pitching. Wickman is OK, not even good, and he’s not coming cheap. I’d have preferred the money been saved for the offseason. This is a waste of a trade.

  5. John Beamer says:

    JC – your pessimism is a little unfounded I think. Sure, we won’t win the division (unless something astounding happens), but we have every chance with the wild card. We are only a handful of games back, our pitching can only get better, and there are no teams out there which scare me — in fact the NL is downright terrible this year.

    We’ll need a spot of luck to get there but you can see 87/88 wins being enough.

  6. Marc says:

    The Mets are not going to collapse that much and the Braves don’t have the pitching at any rate to make a real run at them. But I think the wild car is realistic simply because of how weak the league is. But the future doesn’t seem bright to me. The Braves are going to have to face up to the fact that it is not a pitching rich organization any more. They are living off their reputation and, in fact, they haven’t developed a top-flight pitcher in years and the staff has been in decline since the early 2000s. All this talk about the great Roy Clark drafing all these arms–where are they? The best prospects are a soft tossing flyball pitcher and a guy that can’t throw strikes. Hudson was supposed to restore their pitching dominance and while it’s not likely he will keep pitching as badly as he has, it’s hard to see him becoming an ace again. This pitching staff is really Smoltz and a bunch of No. 4’s at this point. They better make a run this year because things might be worse next year.