Dear Marcus

An open letter to Marcus Giles, regarding his recent health issues.

Dear Marcus,

Take it easy. This team has treated you like crap since your earliest days in the system. Currently, a team that insists on “a policy not to comment on player transactions” is shopping you through a bullhorn. I understand your desire to win , but this team isn’t going to make the playoffs. You owe the organization nothing, and the teammates and coaches who care about you, care about your health first. Go home, get some rest and spend some time with your family. You have a serious condition that affects more than your livelihood. Suit up for home games, but don’t play. Spend some good times with your Braves teammates before moving on next year. I know you’ll be successful, as long as you stay healthy. Remember Reggie Lewis.

Warm regards,


Update: It looks like Giles is fine.

5 Responses “Dear Marcus”

  1. Rob says:

    they let him rot in the minors in favor of keith lockhart, for christ’s sake…

  2. Mac Thomason says:

    Watch it, if Marcus goes to arbitration this year the team will probably use this against him.

    Anyway, take it easy, Marcus, don’t rush back.

  3. Andrew says:

    Marcus, get better. You represent a lot of what is right with the Braves and the way they are treating you shows the hypocrisy that is right with the Braves. Good luck next year (hopefully in Oakland), we’ll be rooting for you.

  4. Dave says:

    I’d like to know what kind of first hand experience any of you have that would inform you as to Marcus’s “desire to win” or his being “treated like crap”.

    I’ve been informed of the direct opposite by people close to both the players and the organization.