Interview with BDD

Joe Hamrahi has posted Part I an interview with me over at Baseball Digest Daily. I’ll post links to parts II and III when they are up. I enjoyed talking with Joe, and maybe I answered some questions of interest to you. Thanks to Joe for doing this.

5 Responses “Interview with BDD”

  1. Doug says:

    From the interview, JC explaining how he got into sabermetrics:

    One of my colleagues, Doug Drinen, who was a math professor, had done some work in sabermetrics, and we began to talk.

    I kid you not, people. When I first met JC (only five short years ago), it was about like this.

    Me: What do you think about so-and-so?

    JC: I don’t know, he only had 60 RBIs last year.

    Me: Such-and-such isn’t really that good.

    JC: What are you talking about? He had 18 wins!

    I’m only slightly exaggerating. JC is the only sabermetrician I’m aware of who had never heard of sabermetrics until he was older than 25.

  2. JC says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that Doug speaks the truth.

  3. tangotiger says:

    “I’m convinced that you should only look at DIPS. ”

    That is rather surprising. Did you read the Allen/Hsu Solving DIPS paper on my site?

    It’s right up your alley…

  4. JC says:

    Yes, I read it a while back.

  5. tangotiger says:

    Then, what does it mean that you should “only look at DIPS”?