Love for Baseball-Reference

Jim Caple of Page 2 has a very nice piece on Sean Forman and all that he is doing with Baseball-Reference.

As it is, the most challenging part of is convincing your spouse that you aren’t surfing for porn — that you really can spend that many hours staring at the computer screen without a single salacious image.

How does Sean do it?

[It’s] dedication, brains and midnight oil that allows us to know that Sandy Koufax held the Mets to one run over eight innings to win his 19th game in 1963 despite pitching on just one day of rest. And that Paul Molitor hit .291 in his 20s and .308 in his 30s. And that Barry Bonds has led off a game with a home run almost as many times (nine) as he’s ended one with a home run (10). And that Pete Rose had more hits against Phil Niekro (64) than any other pitcher. And that …

Sorry. I can’t help myself once I get started.

The hard work also helped Forman reach the true standard of success in life. His hobby is now his career. After all those lonely hours and long years of research, the site has become lucrative enough through subscription and page sponsorships — he says the page averages 40,000-50,000 hits per day — that Forman recently left his teaching position at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia to make his full-time occupation.

So now he’ll have even more time to make the site better. Though I don’t know how it possibly could be.

Neither do I. Excellent work, Sean.

One Response “Love for Baseball-Reference”

  1. tangotiger says:

    As I said on my site, is what it is because of Sean’s creativity. If a corporate site was in charge, middle management would have ruined it.