Michael Lewis EconTalk Podcast

Russ Roberts posts an interesting discussion with Michael Lewis focusing on the economics in Moneyball and The Blind Side. As expected, Roberts does an excellent job emphasizing the economic issues.

Most interesting is his discussion of the value of managers. Basically, Lewis says managers hardly matter. The funny thing is, I was just noticing how low MLB manager salaries are relative to football coaches in college and the pros.

One Response “Michael Lewis EconTalk Podcast”

  1. JPWF says:

    Most Baseball managers have far far less say in who to sign and draft than do Football head coaches- college head coaches have free reign with regard to team personnel except when someone goes and commits a felony…

    Also, whiel baseball is a team sport, “teamwork” is far less important in baseball than Football. “Strategy” and preparation are less important in baseball than football. For every play in baseball that actually requires “teamwork” like the hit and run, the rotation play, etc., there are ten football plays that require a similar or greater level of coordination among teammates- and a head coach is essential to ensure such coordination.