So, You Want to Work in Sports

People frequently ask me how they can get a job working in a major league sports organization. As someone who has no personal experience in this I can only pass along what I have learned from others. Normally, I say something like “work hard, take any job you can get, try and make a name for yourself, and when you get your chance make the most of it.” Not really specific advice, is it?

Sal Baxamusa of The Hardball Times passes along some wisdom from the M.I.T. Sloan Sports Business Conference he attended over the weekend.

Lou Perna of Turnkey Sports suggested that entry-level employees should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and do dirty work. “It will be beneath you,” he cautioned, but he encouraged folks to use their revenue-generating abilities to distinguish themselves early on and save the brainpower for later in the career. Conference co-chair and Houston Rockets assistant general manager Daryl Morey suggested that young people find mentors that can help them through their early career. When asked who his mentors were, he said, “Billy Beane and Bill James.” Not bad as far as mentors go, I suppose, but it says a lot that his opening comments were that success in the sports industry was a “strong combination of luck and skill.”

I think I’ll just pass this paragraph along in the future. 🙂

David Pinto also has a write-up of the conference.

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