Ducksnorts Baseball Annual

Though I follow all happenings in the major leagues, I really only follow my team, the Atlanta Braves, closely. When I buy the new annuals every year the first thing I do is turn to the section on the Braves. I read the articles, skim the capsules on other teams, and then use the books as references/paper-weights for the rest of the season.

I get the feeling the Geoff Young of feels the same way towards his San Diego Padres, which lead him to publish the Ducksnorts 2007 Baseball Annual. It’s nearly 200 pages of material on the Padres, including a forward by Padres CEO Sandy Alderson.

I sure wish something like this existed for Braves fans. So, if you like the Padres, consider yourself lucky, and be sure to order a copy.

One Response “Ducksnorts Baseball Annual”

  1. M. Thomason says:

    Well, gosh. 200 pages? I could do 50, maybe. And I’m pretty sure Schuerholz isn’t speaking to me.