Florida Marlins 2006 Player Values

Florida Marlins (2006)			
Hitters			$Value (in millions)
Miguel Cabrera			$18.70
Hanley Ramirez			$10.03
Dan Uggla			$8.93
Josh Willingham			$8.83
Mike Jacobs			$6.13
Wes Helms			$5.89
Miguel Olivo			$3.46
Jeremy Hermida			$2.78
Alfredo Amezaga			$2.46
Joe Borchard			$2.23
Cody Ross			$1.62
Matt Treanor			$1.06
Reggie Abercrombie		$0.76
Chris Aguila			$0.46
Jason Wood			$0.42
Paul Hoover			$0.07
Robert Andino			-$0.24
Matt Cepicky			-$0.28
Eric Reed			-$0.59
Pitchers			$Value (in millions)
Dontrelle Willis		$14.63
Scott Olsen			$11.07
Josh Johnson			$10.94
Anibal Sanchez			$7.49
Ricky Nolasco			$7.18
Brian Moehler			$5.18
Joe Borowski			$4.65
Matt Herges			$4.52
Randy Messenger			$3.28
Taylor Tankersley		$2.94
Logan Kensing			$2.21
Renyel Pinto			$2.15
Sergio Mitre			$1.87
Todd Wellemeyer			$1.61
Chris Resop			$1.43
Jason Vargas			$1.40
Carlos Martinez			$0.95
Franklyn German			$0.71
Jose Garcia			$0.69
Yusmeiro Petit			$0.64
Jeff Fulchino			$0.02

Values from The Baseball Economist.

2 Responses “Florida Marlins 2006 Player Values”

  1. Kyle S says:

    Are those values different from what they would be if the players played for other teams? In other words, if Cabrera was a yankee, would he have been worth $25m?

  2. JC says:

    An excellent question!

    The values are based on a free agent signing on a .500 team. Adjusting value by market is misleading, because the opportunity cost of playing in a small market is playing in a big market. So, for a small-market team to purchase a free agent it would have to compensate them with a higher amount. However, then determining a value of wins in different markets is another can of worms. So, I settled on the average.