Leo Mazzone and the Attack of the Grasshoppers

For you baseball history buffs out there, the spring issue of 108 Magazine is about to be released. Jeff Merron offers a sample from the upcoming issue at The Southpaw, discussing the day Leo Mazzone was foiled by swarm of grasshoppers.

The attack would have been a surprise in any situation, but baseball has rules, and none of them say anything about grasshoppers. Faced with an unprecedented situation, the players, coaches, and umpires tried to keep on keepin’ on. Current Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone was one of the Texas League’s top hurlers that year, making his way up through the Giants organization. He took the mound for the visitors from Amarillo in the bottom of the first.

“I started that game. It got so bad the ball was hitting grasshoppers 60 feet, 6 inches to home plate. You couldn’t see. We had to change balls every pitch.” Mazzone, clearly distracted, surrendered two free passes. “I didn’t walk anybody that year, [but] you just couldn’t concentrate on your target. You couldn’t see it, and you had all these damn things flying in your face and up your ass.”

Yuck! There is no pitch like the old grasshopper guts ball.

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