On the Radio

Tomorrow, I’ll be embarking on a “radio tour” of the country to promote the release of The Baseball Economist. By “tour” I mean, I’ll be talking on the phone from Atlanta to many different radio shows around the country. Here is a list of when and where you can hear me. Some times are approximate. On the shows that allow call-ins, I’d love to hear from you.

Thursday, March 15

(These are times I’m doing the interview. In some cases these will be taped and replayed later in the day. If I can get on-air times, I will post them.)

Grand Rapids		WOOD	Gary Allen & John Matlak 	8:00
Portland		KEX	Paul and Scott			8:20
Fort Walton Beach, FL	WKSM	Woofy Ramone			8:30
St. Louis		KSLG	Vernetti,Gordon,& Leinwand 	8:40
Michigan Talk Network		Michael Patrick Shiels		8:50
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale	WBGG	Paul, Young Ron and Dave	9:00
New London, Ct		WXLM	Lee Elci			9:10
Memphis			WREC	Craig Robbins			9:20
Montery-Salinas		KION	Mark Carbonaro			9:30
Premiere Prep			Steve Reynolds			9:40
Miami/West Palm Beach	WILD	Kevin and Virginia		10:00
Yakima			KBBO	Brian and Dorothy		10:10
North Platte, Ne	KODY	Scott Allen			10:20
Youngstown		WKBN	Dan Rivers			10:36
Springfield		KBBL	Bill and Marty			11:00

(All times AM)

Friday, March 16

Hartford, CT WDRC-AM “Brad Davis Morning Show” 7:20am

Saturday, March 17

Boston, MA 890-AM ESPN “Russ Francis Show” 10:10am 11am

Tuesday, March 20

Blacksburg, VA 1430-AM ESPN/Sports Addict Radio 4:25pm

Friday, March 30
Baltimore, MD 1090-AM WBAL 8pm

5 Responses “On the Radio”

  1. Andrew says:

    Any Atlanta area talk shows JC?

  2. John S. says:

    How about Russ Roberts’ EconTalk? Would love to hear you on there.

  3. JC says:

    Nothing scheduled for Atlanta or RR yet, but things are just getting rolling. If you know of media that you think might like to discuss the book, drop them call or e-mail. Or contact me, and I’ll try to contact them. Any suggestions you have are much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Doug says:

    Will you be giving away a live elephant?