The Rude Awakening, 680-AM The Fan (Tomorrow!)

For all of you Atlanta readers out there, I’ll be on “The Rude Awakening” with Christopher Rude and Perry Laurentino tomorrow morning at 8:10 AM on 680-AM The Fan to talk about The Baseball Economist. You can also here it live online.

2 Responses “The Rude Awakening, 680-AM The Fan (Tomorrow!)”

  1. Andrew says:

    Heard you this morning, it was great. Yet I don’t think Chris or Perry understood that the book (and economics in general) is not solely about monetary decisions. I was wondering if other radio hosts had given the same impression?

  2. JC says:

    To be fair to them, they had not even seen the book yet (I just sent them copies today). They were going by what they had heard in the press which happened to be about some of the more business-focused topics in the book. I thought they did an good job, and I actually had fun. Maybe they will have me on again to talk about some other stuff. 🙂