AJC: Five Myths about Baseball

In today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution I list five myths about baseball—all of which are discussed in The Baseball Economist. The AJC didn’t put in online, but it does appear in the San Diego Union-Tribune. It may be syndicated in other papers as well.

Here are the myths:

1.) The disparity in market size explains most of why the Yankees are better than the Brewers.

2.) Steroids are the main reason home runs are up in baseball.

3.) MLB owners pay players well above their true financial worth.

4.) A good on-deck hitter “protects” the batter in front of him and increases his hitting power.

5.) Baseball’s antitrust exemption allows MLB to act like a monopoly compared with other professional sports leagues.

To learn why these are myths, see the article or, even better, read the book. 🙂

One Response “AJC: Five Myths about Baseball”

  1. Geoff Young says:

    It’s in the print version of the U-T as well. Nicely done; if only us local folks could get such coverage. 😉