HGH Questions

My post on the lack of evidence regarding HGH’s performance-enhancing qualities yielded a huge response from readers. I couldn’t be happier about this, and I hope that people in the media will begin to take notice.

So, if you have questions regarding the topic, I’d be happy to pass them along to my more-knowledgeable exercise physiologist colleague and report back to you. Please leave your questions in the comments. Don’t e-mail me because I am receiving so much e-mail right now I will not be able to respond, and this prevents having to answer the same question multiple times.

4 Responses “HGH Questions”

  1. Andrew says:

    I was wondering if HGH helped in accelerating healing processes? For example, would the use of HGH help relievers who need to pitch frequently?

  2. JC says:

    Hypothetically, GH might help you recover to work out more; however, there is no evidence of this. Furthermore, the extra muscle growth from increasing workouts is likely to produce immature muscle that does not function like normal muscle.

  3. Tim F says:

    Do the cream and the clear work specifically to where they are applied? Meaning, is it possible to target specific muscles and maybe prevent or lessen the impact on organs, etc.

  4. JC says:

    No. In fact, one of the major downsides of HGH is that it does not target its growth. Everything grows when it enters the body.