Thoughts on the Langerhans Deal

I haven’t been blogging much about the Braves lately, so I’ll take this opportunity to do so. The Braves traded Ryan Langerhans to the Oakland A’s for a player to be named later and cash.

— Langerhans is not a bad player. He started the year off in an awful slump, but he’s put up OPS+ of 99 and 90 the past two seasons, and he is an excellent defender. For a center fielder who will spend some time on the bench, he’s not a bad guy to have on your team.

— The Braves did not “sell low” with Ryan because he started off the year batting below .100. Major league GMs are not stupid. Even the intern to the bat boy understands that a player’s performance in late-April is not a good indicator of how good that player is. Remember Derek Jeter’s start in 2004? He was batting .189 on May 25, but ended the year at .292. The A’s know what they are getting and the Braves know what they are giving up.

— The Braves don’t need Ryan with Matt Diaz on the team. They need pitching, which is what I suspect the PTBNL will be.

— Well, actually the Braves to need Ryan if Andruw Jones leaves via free agency. There is no one in the organization ready to take over in center, and I doubt the Braves want to go the free agent route to sign someone other than Andruw.

— John Schuerholz has been busy signing contracts—first with Brian McCann, then with John Smoltz. This deal may indicate that he is very close to locking up Andruw. With Andruw in the fold, Langerhans is completely expendable. We’ll see. 🙂

7 Responses “Thoughts on the Langerhans Deal”

  1. jpwf says:

    Major League GMs might not be, but if you ever played in a fanatsy league you’d realize that many fans, even those with plenty of knowledge, overrreact to small sample sizes ALL THE TIME

  2. tangotiger says:

    Not a bad player? This guy is forecasted by multiple systems as an average to a bit above-average hitter. He’s also an above-average fielder. He’s at least an average MLB player barring unknows, like injuries of course. He’s only got two full seasons under his belt, meaning that he’ll hit free agency when he’s a below-average player. This is not the kind of player that is traded for a PTBNL.

    This trade can only be defended if the PTBNL is a regular player on the A’s roster, or that his poor hitting this year is based on something real that we’re unaware of.

  3. Joseph P. says:

    As Ken Rosenthal points out, Mike Cameron lives just outside Atlanta, and would be a cheaper and shorter term solution than Andruw (obviously not as good, though).

    Just sayin’.

  4. Tan The Man says:

    Amen brother. It would be very weird to see Jones not in a Braves uniform.

  5. Brant says:

    I have to wonder what the odds are that a Boras client will sign before hitting the market. I know Andruw’s done it before, but he’s reportedly assured Boras that he will be in on the negotiations following this seaon. It would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. MGL says:

    As Ken Rosenthal points out, Mike Cameron lives just outside Atlanta, and would be a cheaper and shorter term solution than Andruw (obviously not as good, though).

    I’ve got them exactly equal in Slwts projection.

  7. Kyle Hummel says:

    I think that I would have held on to Langerhans for a bit longer than a few days. You never know how a guy can click in a clubhouse or get on a streak. There could have been benefit from a little bit of success. Then even if the Braves wanted to trade him, he may have been worth a little bit more than he already was. This could have created a better situation for the Braves in which they could have gotten a more successful pitcher in the trade.