Congratulations Wofford Terriers: Southern Conference Champs

I would like to offer my congratulations to my dear alma mater’s baseball team for winning the Southern Conference baseball tournament. The ninth-seeded Wofford Terriers swept the competition 5-0 to take the conference’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. They begin play on Friday in the Columbia regional, which features USC (that’s the University of South Carolina to people in the south) , NC State, and UNCC (I grew up in Charlotte; UNCC will never be “Charlotte”). Wofford wins with the long ball, leading the country with 106 home runs.

Wofford is a small liberal arts school in Spartanburg, South Carolina with a strong baseball tradition. The nickname “Terriers” comes from an incident in 1909 when a dog raced onto the baseball field and chased an opposing player who was trying to score. In 1913, Ty Cobb came to campus with a barnstorming team, which of course resulted in a fight. Wofford boasts two major league players: Frank Ellerbe and Charles “Spades” Wood. Wood earned his nickname from a 13 spades bridge hand he was dealt on a Sunday, which resulted in his expulsion—playing bridge on Sunday was not allowed…though it is now. 🙂

Go Terriers!

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  1. Andrew says:

    And Wofford essentially took away an at-large from Georgia Tech. Makes it sweeter 🙂