What To Do with Mark Redman

Well, Mark Redman stinks. I’m not really surprised that he’s not blowing the league away, but Atlanta fans want him cut. The problem with this is that the Braves need another starting pitcher. Oscar Villarreal is probably a better option as a starter, but Redman might still be able to help the team.

My suggestion: put him in the pen. If he puts all of his effort into a short stint, he can’t be worse than the worst reliever on the team. I’m not even sure who that is right now. He’s already paid for, and there is no obvious promotion candidate in the minors. This could be the beginning of a new career as a LOOGY.

8 Responses “What To Do with Mark Redman”

  1. Andrew says:

    Anthony Lerew in AAA: 4 GS, 19.2 IP, 1.83 ERA, 0 HR
    Dan Smith in AA: 5 GS, 27.2 IP, 1.95 ERA, 1 HR

    Lerew is already on the 40-man roster, so if the injuries to McCann and Pena turn out to be serious, the Braves could release Redman and call up Salty.

  2. Jeff says:

    Lerew has always proven to be a head case once he reaches the Major League level and I doubt he would be much better than Redman despite the fact that he has much better stuff. Furthermore, while his ERA and Hits per inning are solid, his K:BB rate needs some work. He would probably be better off remaining at AAA until he gets all of his issues resolved and his confidence back.

    That said, Buddy Carlyle might be worth a shot. He has a 1.11 WHIP through 25.1 innings and a 27:5 K:BB. His homerun rate is a little alarming though.

    Ultimately though, I agree with JC. I think we have to give Redman a few more chances, as we don’t appear to have anyone in the minors who could step up and definitively pitch better. Redman is already paid for and somewhat of a “proven” entity. He isn’t good, but he is better than a 10 era guy who has had past success, albeit limited, in the NL.

  3. Frank says:

    Nice suggestion JC. Redman out of the pen can eat innings in games in which the Braves already trail rather than starting games and putting the team in a hole. He might even pitch about the same number of innings, but he’d do it in situations that are less harmful to the team.

  4. CG Hudson says:

    Redman is toast. He needs to go. I’d probably give Lerew a shot or two but since Davies is also worrisome, if I’m John Scheurholz, I’d take a list of the top 50 pitchers according to WHIP from the International and Pacific Coast Leagues, peel away all of the real prospects, then trawl through what’s left to discern what could be had for relatively little, e.g., Tankersley, Dumatrait, Germano, somebody like that.

  5. ben says:

    From a friend in the southern league. he says lerew is lucky to have existance in AAA and that Matt Harrison should be somebody they look to instead. This statement is merely someone in the games opinion. but its just a thought

  6. Dreamscape says:

    I don’t see much reason in keeping Redman around at all. I am not convinced he is better than Steve Colyer, the name you were searching for when you brought up the worst reliever.

    Hopefully, he’s being given the Brian Jordan treatment. Goes on the DL with his hangnail and sits there until September.

  7. David says:

    Why not go with a four man rotation of Smoltz, Hudson, James, and Davies/Villarreal, but keep each of them on a strict 100 to 105 pitch count limit a la “Baseball Between the Numbers”?

    Certainly couldn’t be worse than sending Redmond up there every fifth day.

  8. Redman is nowhere. They need to get rid of him.I have never seen him effective.