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Things That Bother Me

Here is a list of things I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while, but don’t seem worthy of a full post. As the title of this post indicates, these are all things that bother me.

Triple Crown Stats on TV: Why are these the only stats listed for hitters when I watch a baseball game? Is it too much to include OBP and SLG? They contain more important information than the typical statistics. Even more annoying is when announcers refer to hitters as being good and bad based just on AVG. Just last night, I heard Joe Simpson refer to Brayan Pena— a .300 hitter in the minor leagues whose AVG ≈ OBP ≈ SLG—as a good hitter with poor defense. It’s inexcusable. You don’t have to be a stat-head to get this either.

Home Runs Allowed on TV: Why can’t you tell me the homers allowed by a pitcher? It’s one more line that contains important information. I don’t care about pitcher “wins” and “losses” in general, but it’s really unnecessary to waste this line on relievers.

No PIP in Tivo: I have a DVR with two tuners and a television with two tuners with the picture in picture (PIP) feature. Who designed this thing so I can’t watch two programs at once? Oh, I can record these things to watch later, that’s the answer? Yeah, like I’ve got the time to watch two baseball/football games back to back.

No Heroes Reruns or DVD This Summer: I finally jumped on the Heroes bandwagon last spring. I thought I’d catch up with reruns over the summer. Yet, after the season finale it disappeared. I would have been happy to have purchased the DVD set of the first season to watch over the summer. But no, the DVDs and reruns come only after summer is over, and any free time I had is gone.

The Cooper Mini: This car offends me.

Light Posting

Sorry for the slow down in posts lately. I am involved with several projects, and things are not letting up. There may not be much new here for the next few weeks, but I am around to answer e-mail.