The Most Interesting Paragraph I Read Today

To borrow from Tyler Cowen.

Skeletal maturity is one example of continued growth into the adult years. Although most epiphyseal growth is completed in late adolescence (16 to 18 years), the long bones may continue to grow until approximately age 35, and the vertebral column until about age 30. This continued growth in the long bones may add up to one-fourth inch to an individual’s height. In addition, certain areas of the braincase do not reach maturity until well into adulthood. This continued growth is evident when men (and women) who wear hats notice that they have to purchase larger sizes as they age. [Emphasis added]

This is from Lifelong Motor Development (4e, 2004) by Carl Gabbard of Texas A&M.

2 Responses “The Most Interesting Paragraph I Read Today”

  1. Greg says:

    Since you list this under your steroids category, I assume this is some soft of defense of Barry Bonds.

    To say that his hat size has increased with age in order to justify the growth that everyone points to as evidence to steroids is like saying that he punched my fist with his face. Though it is a somewhat logical argument, it would also make sense that his extremely large growth spurt was assisted by some of those hormones that cause the growth in the 16 to 18 year olds.

  2. JC says:

    This is not a defense of Barry Bonds, but an indictment of the media.

    1) While I have heard the media report on Barry Bonds’s head size, I have never seen a reference to the fact that it is normal for head sizes to grow. Isn’t that an important piece of information to ignore? This is from a popular textbook, it’s no big secret.

    2) The Barry Bonds hat-size change in an unsubstantiated rumor that comes from anonymous sources; yet, it is often repeated as fact. It’s funny that no one who writes about Bonds interviews the doctor who makes his arm brace, who has precise measurements of his arm that show no change since 1992.

    Of course, the above statement does not prove Bonds was clean, but it should not be used as evidence against him either. I about fell out of my chair when I read this.

    Let me just clear the air here. I am NOT defending any person for what he/she might have done. However, I am quite angry with the media for the way it has handled PED scandals. It’s irresponsible, and this is just another example.