Back from Washington

I just returned from my visit to Washington, DC where I gave a talk at George Mason University on economics in baseball. I would like to thank the GMU Econ Society for organizing the event. It was well attended by students and Sabernomics readers. Thanks to those of you who came, especially those who asked questions and purchased books. I had hoped to post a podcast of the talk, but the battery died in the recorder….Oh well.

I also enjoyed a nice lunch with several members of the GMU economics department and another visiting speaker. During the conversation someone remarked about being among bloggers, and then I realized that I was sitting at the table with two other bloggers Bryan Caplan and Alex Tabarrok. As is typical with most lunches with GMU economists the conversation was quite stimulating, with economic discussions of non-traditional topics: rogue Mormon polygamist and Amish customs, law versus economics journals, and performance-enhancing drugs in sports. Maybe that’s why so many GMU economists have become bloggers.

Yesterday, I took advantage of being in DC by visiting a few sites. I like all of the he war memorials. The Vietnam memorial is by far the best, and could not even be spoiled by loud high school kids who didn’t seem to comprehend the reflective, deepening wall of departed soldiers names. I made a brief stop at the Museum of Natural History, and spent the remainder of my time in the National Gallery of Art. The Turner exhibit was enjoyable. I tried out a few of Tyler Cowen’s tips for enjoying an art museum, and it enhanced my visit. Though I have been to the museum several times, I left wanting to return again soon.

2 Responses “Back from Washington”

  1. Ron says:

    Any comments on the Paul Byrd HGH situation? Byrd was reported saying that the HGH definitely helped his recovery time from pitching and that he was tempted to take twice the prescribed dose as a result.

  2. David says:

    Glad you enjoyed your time here. 🙂

    Did you happen to stop by the George Mason memorial? It’s over near the Jefferson Memorial right before the bridge, and it’s one of the best places to take a picture because you can sit on the bench right next to George.