Cleveland Picks Up Its Pitchers

Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians picked up one-year options on three of their pitchers: Paul Byrd, Joe Borowski, and Aaron Fultz. Here is a list of their option prices and my estimates of their 2007 performances.

Pitcher		Option		2007 Value
Paul Byrd 	$7.5 million	$8.9 million
Joe Borowski 	$4.0 million	$3.4 million
Aaron Fultz 	$1.5 million	$2.0 million

It is no surprise that the Indians picked them up. Will the HGH issues be a problem with Byrd? I doubt there is much risk since anything he did—no matter what is true motives—was not against league rules. If he is suspended, the Indians would not have to pay his salary for the missed time; however, they might miss out on signing a substitute starting pitcher.

Addendum: Also, Indians GM Mark Shapiro was named baseball Executive of the Year. I’ve been a big fan of what the Indians are doing, and I found them to be the best-managed organization in the American League in my book.

2 Responses “Cleveland Picks Up Its Pitchers”

  1. NSILMike says:

    JC- Any comments on the Red Sox signing Schilling to 1 more year at $8M plus incentives? What was his 2007 value?