Garland and Cabrera: An Equal Swap

Today, the Angels agreed to swap shortstop Orlando Cabrera for White Sox starting pitcher Jon Garland. The deal also sends some cash to Chicago. Here is my brief assessment.

When I checked the numbers, I was surprised to see how similar the two players are. Both have one year left on their current deals. Cabrera is owed $10 million and Garland is owed $12 million. Over the past three years, both players averaged close to $12 million in value, though Cabrera’s play was a bit more volatile. Thus, both players have contracts that come close to matching their performances on the field.

Although Cabrera seems to offer a little more in terms of these raw numbers, Cabrera is 33 and his previous two seasons are slightly above his career average, while Garland is 28. Garland’s youth and consistency are factors.

2 Responses “Garland and Cabrera: An Equal Swap”

  1. Heather says:

    Reportedly, Kenny Williams could have traded Garland for Edgar Renteria back in July. Renteria has a more favorable contract ($6m/yr through 2008) and is better offensively than Cabrera. Did Williams just severely overestimate Garland’s value when he turned down this trade?

  2. J Beaumont says:

    One thing to note: i’ve read that the Angels are also giving the White Sox an additional $1.5 mil… which i think might unbalance this a little more (though I think Cabrera, at 33, is highly unlikely to repeat 2007 and could easily have a .257/.302/.395 year, so i dunno….).