Comments Policy

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in comments that has forced me to disallow several submitted comments over the past few weeks. There is no need to be insulting or rude if you do not like what someone else says. This is not a chat room or a message board where posters engage in insult wars. I don’t mind criticism or disagreement, but I ask that you be polite. Before you post something, ask yourself if any statements that you make are irrelevant to the discussion. Phrases like, “I normally like what you have to say, but X is ridiculous”, “you make me laugh”, or “you’re an idiot” add nothing to the discussion except to insult me or other commenters. They should be excluded. I could respond, but I don’t really care to get involved in discussions with such people. I just remove such comments in order to keep things civil. If you don’t like this, feel free to start your own blog and rant about me all day long. I don’t care.

Comments are allowed to encourage productive and polite discussion. Comments deemed to be inappropriate will be removed. If you follow these rules, you should be fine.

— Be polite. Would you say what you wrote if you were sitting in a room with the person you are writing to? If not, don’t write it.

— Read what others have written carefully before posting critiques.

— Anonymous posting is allowed, but each person is allowed only one persona. Using an alias to bolster your own point is inappropriate.

If you recognize this post, it is because I have to post it every so often.

2 Responses “Comments Policy”

  1. David says:

    Jon Weisman put up a “Thank You for Not” bit on the Dodger Thoughts sidebar. It seems to work pretty well.

  2. Using an alias to bolster your own point is inappropriate.

    Inappropriate but hilarious!!! I can’t believe someone would actually put that type of effort into supporting their own argument.

    That said, it has to be at least flattering that you have enough comments to need to moderate them!