What Are the Best Super Bowl Squares?

If you play a Super Bowl squares game at your Super Bowl party, here are some tips for for purchasing your squares from an old post by Doug Drinen.

So, to recap, here is the official Doug Drinen plan for making friends at your Super Bowl party.

1. As soon as the squares are drawn, find the people with the 70 and 07 squares. Offer them $3 for their square. If they accept, tell them that they just traded an expected payoff of $3.80 for a mere $3.00. Call them suckers.

2. Find the guy with 22 and let him know that since the merger in 1970 there has only been one single 22 game (it was the Dolphins and Bills in week 13 of this year). Call him a sucker too.

Doug recently updated his analysis using quarter-by-quarter scores, and you can read it here.

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