If Only All Players Were Married to Medical Professionals

Mike Greenwell says that he was tempted to use steroids, but his wife talked him out of it.

Had it not been for his wife, Greenwell said he probably would have used them, too. He studied steroids “because I was very, very tempted as a player to do it,” he said Tuesday.

His wife convinced him not to.

“My wife’s a nurse, and basically told me she’d kill me if she caught me doing it,” Greenwell said. “I think there’s many, many players out there that were tempted to do it. Probably if I didn’t have my wife, I would have done it to try to perform at that level.”

4 Responses “If Only All Players Were Married to Medical Professionals”

  1. Marc Schneider says:

    I think using steroids is a bad decision and obviously illegal but I think there are a lot of sanctimonious people trying to turn these players into moral reprobates. I think almost anyone would be at least tempted to do something to improve their performance given the stakes involved. College students use amphetamines to do all-nighters. I think most of us have done things they should not have at some point in our lives.

  2. Sal Paradise says:

    Nothing wrong with better living through chemistry, it just seems that the limits of what we find acceptable are arbitrary and silly.

    Nobody takes issue with someone getting glasses with 20/20 vision or 20/600 vision. Why should we limit the use of sleeping drugs for those with sleeping disorders?

    Assuming the effect is the same, and the side-effects are negligible when compared with legal substances, why not?

  3. Mike says:

    Late breaking news…?
    “Growth hormone doesn’t boost athletic abilities”


  4. Unfortunately, those medical professionals who are married to professional athletes may be just as likely to prescribe or dispense medications to them as they are to discourage their use!