My First Home Opener

Last night, I attended the Braves home opener, versus the Pirates. It was the first home opener that I have attended. It was an exciting atmosphere, but I did not find it much different than other Braves games. The bigger-than-usual crowd and lengthy player introductions were the main distinguishing characteristics. But still, it was just a Braves game, which is good enough for me. Oh, and I walked right by Pete Van Wieran as he strolled through the stadium. That was kind of cool. I wish I had thought of something to say, but I probably would have sounded like Matthew Brock talking to James Caan.

Anyway, the game on the field was nuts. Because my group was hosting a visitor from another country, who had an early appointment the next day, we had previously agreed to leave the game early. After the Braves fell behind by four runs we decided it was time to go. Once we had the game on in the car, we couldn’t believe it. I was happy to have the game on the radio to distract us from the fact that we were putting our lives in danger as we stood in the slow-moving traffic around Turner Field. (If you believe that sports stadiums lead to urban renewal, visit Turner Field for a night game and you will quickly change your mind). The game lasted long enough for me to drop off my companions and make it home to catch the last inning on television.

What a way to open the season! It’s nice to know that baseball is back.

Best news for Braves fans: Frenchy walked and hit a homer, matching his spring totals.

2 Responses “My First Home Opener”

  1. Frank says:

    Really bizarre game. I guess that’s both the beauty and the madness of baseball.

    Re Frenchy’s walk and HR in the same game–might be the only game all year in which he does both. That’s a bit of an overstatement, but if he his season total of walks is 50 and HR is 25 then the expected number of games in which he does both is about 8. You saw something a bit more common than a unicorn, but not much. 🙂

  2. Erik says:

    You really should have stayed. All of the hardcore fans stayed until the 9th inning, and the place went crazy. Everybody was on their feet from the 9th inning until the end of the 10th.

    At the end of the game, when it looked like they were completing their 2nd comeback, everybody was chanting “CORKY! CORKY! CORKY!” when Corky Miller was at bat. I think that’s the only time that’s ever going to happen to him.

    It was really special.