Q&A at Sons of Sam Horn

I will be participating in a Q&A session at Sons of Sam Horn this Thursday at 2pm. Feel free to stop by and leave your questions in advance here. If you are not yet a member of SOSH, now is a good time to join.

As a brief aside, I hold a particular fondness for Sam Horn for a different reason than most of the Red Sox fans who dominate the website. During the summer of 1993, I regularly attended Charlotte Knights games that featured Sam Horn as the team’s first baseman. His towering shots were memorable. That Knights team included both Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez (for a short time), and it was a fun team to watch.

2 Responses “Q&A at Sons of Sam Horn”

  1. Kyle S says:

    I saw a Knights game around that time as well – not sure exactly what year it was, and I certainly don’t remember any of the prospects. Jim Deshaies was starting for the other team, and he was dealing – I think he had a perfect game through 5 innings or something. I guess that would have been the summer of 1995.

  2. Rick says:

    If anyone wants to ask JC a question over at SoSH, you can sign on as a lurker and PM the question to a member. I started the thread, so you can send them to me if you want and I’ll do my best to post them.