Reminder: SoSH Q&A, Today, 2pm

I will be answering questions at Sons of Sam Horn today from 2–3pm. You can see the thread here. Feel free to stop by and ask questions or just lurk. Right now, I’m working on my answers to several questions that have already been asked.

2 Responses “Reminder: SoSH Q&A, Today, 2pm”

  1. Rick says:

    If you want to ask JC a question and you are not a member, you’ll need to register and you’ll be on as a lurker(no posting rights). I started the thread, so you can PM me or anyone else and we can post it for you. Just click on the username of the person and a menu will come up that says “Send Message”.

  2. tangotiger says:

    “It takes time to recover from bad decisions, and I guess that NL teams have made more mistakes then AL teams in the past few years. Whether those mistakes were the product of bad luck or bad decisions is difficult to answer. The luck will even out, and management will improve in the NL.”

    I disagree. NL and AL teams are paying roughly the same marginal dollars per marginal win (given that an AL team is really a .525 team and an NL team is a .475 team). It’s not a case of mismanagment, but purely that AL teams are outspending them (and it goes beyond just one or two teams).