Checking in on Frenchy

With the end of April, we are half-way to the first part of the Jeff Francoeur walks contest. In March and April, Francoeur amassed a total of five walks in 27 games, putting him on pace for 30 walks this season and 10 by the end of May. Unless something changes, it looks like he’s going to fall well short of his goal of 60 walks for the season.

But, there is also some very good news regarding Francoeur’s performance at the plate. His strikeouts are way down. Last year, he struck out in 18.5% of his plate appearances. In March and April of this season he struck out in only 7.5% of his plate appearances.

4 Responses “Checking in on Frenchy”

  1. David says:

    Yay, I only need him to walk 14 more times.

  2. Marc Schneider says:

    But does his fewer strikeouts make much difference? His OBP is .311 and his slugging is .455. He only has three home runs. People make a big deal about his RBIs but seven of those came in one game. He talked about increasing his walks and getting stronger to hit more home runs but he has few walks and few home runs. It’s early but I see little evidence thus far that he has improved at all. He seems to be a fairly average player with a very good arm that people think is better than he is because he has a knack for doing flashy things and “looking” like a ballplayer. This guy may end up being the most overrated player of all time. Am I being unduly harsh?

  3. mravery says:

    I think there’s reason to be encouraged by Frenchy. He’s been somewhat hit-unlucky (his BABIP is below his career norm), and his ISOP is actually up a bit from last year. The HRs haven’t been there, but he’s racking up doubles (he’s two off the league lead). So while the low walk rate is somewhat distressing, it’s fine if he maintains the low K-rate.

  4. Sal Paradise says:

    Unfortunately, there simply isn’t that much added benefit to a non-K out in comparison to a strikeout. While he will benefit slightly from a few more errors and a few more advanced runners, he will also suffer a few more double-play balls as a result too.

    If he were able to turn some of those Ks into BBs on the other hand…