If You Build It, They Will Come…Especially If They Were Already on Their Way

Looks like some new development near the new Gwinnett Braves stadium will be happening soon.

A six-story hotel on Financial Center Way, part of a large complex that will include a conference center, offices and restaurants, has received permission to begin construction.

Panorama Hospitality will be building the Hilton Garden Inn on the street near the Mall of Georgia, across Interstate 85 from where the new Gwinnett Braves AAA stadium will be constructed in time for opening day next spring.

But, before you get too excited that this is the product of development policy…

Previously, developers said they had not known about the stadium when they decided to put two six-story hotels on Financial Center Way’s 3100 block, but that they were excited by the additional source of guests.

Remember this when the numbers from the project are included in estimates of the Gwinnett Braves’ economic impact.

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