Francoeur Walks Contest Winner

Congratulations to Jack for correctly predicting Jeff Francoeur would walk 13 times through May of this season. It’s interesting that Jack was the first person to enter the contest. I asked him about his strategy for predicting Francoeur’s walk total and he responded with the following.

To be truthful I don’t know much about Jeff Francoeur because the only time I pay any attention to the Braves is when they play my Cardinals. To get my numbers I simply looked at yours and removed three.

So, in the future, keep in mind that my predictions are normally biased upwards by 23 percent.

Francoeur came on strong in the last week in May, walking three games in a row from May 29–30. He started off June with a walk yesterday. Maybe it’s a sign of a new approach.

2 Responses “Francoeur Walks Contest Winner”

  1. mravery says:

    Hopefully it’s a new something, ’cause whatever he’s been doing to date this season sure hasn’t been working.

  2. Marc Schneider says:

    At least he is starting to hit some home runs. I guess he will soon get another commercial.