JC on the Radio

I’ll be on on The Rude Awakening this morning to discuss the possibility of Barry Bonds joining the Braves. I will, no doubt, be advocating the addition of the controversial slugger. You can listen to the show here. I am scheduled to be on at 9:10am.

5 Responses “JC on the Radio”

  1. Rick says:

    So how did it go?

  2. Marc says:

    Any chance you have an .mp3 link to the interview?

  3. JC says:

    I’m out of town right now with limited internet access, so that’s why I’m slow approving comments.

    I thought the interview went well. I don’t know if there is am mp3 of the interview on the site or not.

  4. Jeff borris says:

    Thanks a lot for the radio spot, JC. Your check’s in the mail!

  5. Rick Hagauer says:

    i didn’t get to hear the piece. but i completely agree. i dont know y they cant add him, the line up would have a huge boost from, blanco(he is a great leadoff hitter)/kotsay, escobar(this is where he thrives),jones,bonds,tex,mccann,francoeuer, johnson/prado(hes a damn good ball player), pitcher. Its not like people are going to remember Bonds as a Brave. People dont remember Ruth as a Brave or Joe Montana as a Chief. Fans will accept it if they are winning.