Smoltz Done for the Season

Chris Dimino of 790-The Zone is reporting that John Smoltz is done for the season and will undergo shoulder surgery. His career may be over, but he is going to try and fix his shoulder in an attempt to save it.

Sorry that I do not have a link, because I heard the news over the radio on the way in. I had the opportunity to meet Chris last year. He is a straight shooter with inside knowledge. If he is saying this, it’s true.

UPDATE: Smoltz may be facing shoulder surgery: Braves expected to discuss veteran’s future at news conference

Smoltz to have season-ending shoulder surgery: Surgery could put career of 41-year-old in jeopardy

3 Responses “Smoltz Done for the Season”

  1. Hill says:

    I knew I felt a ripple in the Force when I woke up this morning…

  2. Greyson says:

    I sure hope Smoltzie is able to get healthy and do whatever he feels is right for himself… If he never pitches again I’ll be truly sorry, but I know he’ll be a Brave for life regardless, and a Hall of Famer for sure!