Welcome Back Barry Bonds

Boston Herald

After injuring his left wrist during the Red Sox’ victory over the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday night, Ortiz learned yesterday he has tendon sheath damage that will keep him sidelined indefinitely. According to a source, Ortiz’ wrist will be immobilized for roughly the next month to determine whether the injury can heal on its own.

If it cannot, the Red Sox and Ortiz very well may face a harsh reality:

Season-ending surgery.

5 Responses “Welcome Back Barry Bonds”

  1. Terry says:

    I doubt it. The Sox shouldn’t do anything for a while, they have a bunch of NL park games coming up where they won’t even need a DH. Plus, Manny can hit DH and Crisp and/or Moss can play outfield. Maybe this is a good chance for Crisp to play every day as a trade showcase. If Ortiz needs to be out for a long while, they could trade for someone like Milton Bradley or Jason Bay instead of signing Bonds.

  2. Jonny Schuerholz says:


    If you’re Frank Wren, do you call up Bonds and at least discuss a contract?

  3. JC says:

    I think the Braves would be interested if not for the Hank Aaron connection.

  4. Phil says:

    On his website (www.billjamesonline.net, subscription required, first two articles under “Bill James Columns), Bill James predicts that Barry Bonds would see his offense collapse this year … so you’ve gotta think that he’d be advising the Red Sox to pass.

  5. Sal Paradise says:

    As was pointed out on the The Book Blog Comments:

    The initial surprise of Bonds’ not even been offered a job caused very strong conjectures of libelous and collusive behavior by the teams.
    As an employee of one of those teams, Bill James can not publicly state that there is no good reason for Bonds to not have an offer – without causing potentially libelous problems for his employer.

    And Bill James’ own predictions have Bonds as the #1 hitter (by OPS) in MLB.