More Francoeur Quote Mischief?

This morning, the AJC published another Jeff Francoeur response to his demotion in an article entitled “Tom Glavine throws without pain“.

“It’s been something that I never thought I would have to deal with, but at the same time I’m looking forward to getting back and helping these guys out,” said Francoeur, who reiterated twice Tuesday that he didn’t think the minor league assignment was necessary.

Here is what the AP reported.

“Not one thing that I said do I regret,” Francoeur said. “Obviously, a lot of it’s emotion, but a lot of it is how I felt. Was it right to sent me down? I didn’t think so, and that was my opinion.”

Why wasn’t the latter quote reported in the AJC? It is an emphatic indictment of the Braves front office. He’s not backing down, and the front office has acted to remedy his displeasure. I think it is important information that ought to have been reported.

In my opinion, the AJC sports section gets a lot of undeserved criticism. They do a good job, and Dave O’Brien is a fantastic beat writer. But I am really concerned that about what is going on here. Why were Francoeur’s earlier remarks retracted, and why don’t we get the juice of the AP’s quote?

4 Responses “More Francoeur Quote Mischief?”

  1. Cliff says:

    The new champion of the First Amendment’s freedom of the press in Metro Atlanta. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Mr. J. , C., BRADBURY!!!

    Maybe the response is to have posters printed and distributed before the games like “REPORT THE TRUTH”, and HE SAID “WHAT?”.

    In the old days, Bobby Cox would have kicked his arrogant a_ _ out of the door (just like Kenny Lofton).

    Or , MAYBE, Terrence Moore is right and it is a black / white thing. Even if it isn’t, let’s accuse the Braves of that and they will run scared for sure.

  2. Rick says:

    To allude to something we discussed earlier:

    “I’m leavin’, on a jet plane.”
    Question: What was the fraternity in Animal House that caused all of the havoc?
    What letter of the Greek alphabet is in the shape of a triangle?

  3. NMS says:

    Post 1,
    I will give you a dollar if you can tell me what the First Amendment has to do with this.

  4. Cliff says:


    I understand enough to understand that in this case we are talking about private action against public information and speech. No, I don’t believe the City of Atlanta or the State of Georgia is involved. I do believe Braves Management and their sponsor Delta have heated someone’s behind and thereby gotten the story sanitized.

    The direct connection here is that the apparently offending party, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, continually publishes lurid details about all sorts of things that are essentially private and defends with “the First Amendment and the public’s right to know.”

    Mr. Bradbury’s other defense of the First Amendment was in being one of the few players to actually force Gwinett County to bring out the real info on the “Gwinnett Braves” rather than the sanitized version.

    Take your dollar, buy a lottery ticket, and if it wins, give the money to a good youth organization.