RIP: Skip Caray

I am sorry to learn of Skip Caray’s death. Skip was always my favorite announcer. His irreverent humor and unbiased game-calling have no equal. Yes, he pulled for the Braves, but he would make it known when the Braves benefited from a bad call.

My favorite Skip moment happened about ten years ago. There was a ball that went right by the infielder—maybe it even went through his legs—but the official scorer ruled it a hit. It was a hard-hit ball, but it was a ball that major-league players are expected to make. It should have been an error. Skip was incensed. He complained about the call for the remainder of the half-inning. After the commercial break, Pete Van Wierin (I think) was the only man in the booth, and you could hear laughter in the background. He said something like, “Skip’s not back yet, he’s gone to talk to the scorer.” They then showed video through the window of the scorers office showing Skip poised like a fielder with his hands down.

When he returned to the booth, Skip gave a brief account of the discussion, and he was clearly not happy. I don’t remember exactly what he said, except for his last line: “we did not part friends.”

I’ll miss you Skip.

2 Responses “RIP: Skip Caray”

  1. leviinalaska says:

    The chemistry of Skip and Pete will, IMHO, never be equalled. Many of us will miss him. Thank you for relating a great story about him and acknowledging his passing.

  2. Robby Bonfire says:

    Skip will be remembered as one of the most iconoclastic, entertaining and knowlegeable announcers of all-time. And what a wonderful voice and delivery he had, too. He would have made a shrewd GM or manager, among the best.