World Famous StatSpeak Roundtable

I’m the guest member of this week’s roundtable at Statistically Speaking.

We discuss the following questions, and I include a brief summary of my answers below. You’ll need to visit the site to read my reasoning.

Why did Adam Dunn stay put? It’s complicated, but the Reds shouldn’t have let this happen.

Which player do you see having the “most” impact that will change teams through the waiver wire?
CC Sabathia.

Have the Boston Red Sox lost their minds?

Thanks to Pizza and Eric for and interesting discussion and asking me to participate.

3 Responses “World Famous StatSpeak Roundtable”

  1. Pizza Cutter says:

    I have to say I about choked when you said CC would be sent out via waivers.  That’s one that I hadn’t considered as a possibility.  Maybe the Indians will get red-hot and need a pitcher for down the stretch!

  2. Rick Hagauer says:

    lets give a shout out to gregor blanco for the best leadoff man in the majors, nobody takes as many pitches and works more walks than Blanco

  3. Bryan says:

    JC – I was wondering what you think Adam Dunn will be worth to the Reds if they want to sign him to a long term deal (say 5 years).