You Can’t Blame Frenchy for the Braves Woes…Or Can You?

From David Pinto.

One thing that amazed me during the writing was how much Jeff Francoeur hurt the Braves this season. The Braves have only been outscored 612-590; they should be around a .500 team, not a .435 team. With any kind of decent power from Francoeur, the Braves likely add 30 runs. With all the one-run losses, those 30 runs could be huge. Instead of looking to build a team for next year, they’d likely be in the Marlins spot, on the edge of the playoff race.

Here is a link to his article in Sporting News. Thanks to Tom for the pointer.

6 Responses “You Can’t Blame Frenchy for the Braves Woes…Or Can You?”

  1. Marc Schneider says:

    When you have a guy that is one of the worst players in major league baseball playing an important offensive position, it stands to reason you are going to struggle.  The argument against blaming it all on Frenchy is that if other guys had played better (e.g. Tex in the first half), they could have covered his problems up.  That sometimes happens but it hardly absolves Frenchy for his performance or the Braves for tolerating it.

  2. David Pinto says:

    Thanks for the link!

  3. K-Funk says:

    Then maybe it’s a good thing Francoeur is having a bad season.  Otherwise, the Braves might have been tempted to trade away prospects at the trade deadline in a futile attempt to win the World Series.

  4. Drew says:

    I moved from Athens to West Palm 2 months ago. I hear they’re getting ready to send Kotsay to the BoSox. I’ve heard that they might trade Kelly Johnson in the offseason and even rumors of Frenchy skipping town.

    Luckily, I haven’t been able to watch this horror of a ball team on TV and get to catch the Rays occasionally.

    Who are the top 3 players on the Braves watch list?
    Who else besides the aforementioned will not be with the Braves next year?

  5. Bilal says:

    How can you say that those 30 runs would have been in the games that we lost by one run.. You are just making a WHAT IF comment..

    What if he scored 30 runs and we lost the road games by 2 runs.. What if he scored 30 runs and Chipper was out for 15 additional games.. What if comments are done with bro.. get to the real issue and just say that Frenchy sucks..

  6. Matt W says:

    You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case:

    Looking forward to hearing your response on this one.