A Lesson in Opportunity Cost: This Is Too Easy

Per AJC.

“We need to demonstrate to our citizens that we are doing everything we possibly can,” County Administrator Jock Connell said Wednesday after announcing the initiative.

The groups will seek to find $35 million in reduced expenses or increased revenues, and should make their recommendations by November, in time to be included in the 2009 budget.

“There will be some aggressive recommendations,” Deputy County Administrator Michael Comer predicted.

The $35 million figure roughly matches the amount of money county officials have budgeted to spend from the county’s reserve fund this year due to stagnant or declining revenues and rising costs.

The figure also roughly matches the tax revenue ($31 million) and first-year bond payment($2.4 million) devoted to the new Gwinnett Braves stadium. But, don’t worry, Gwinnett government officials are looking out for their citizens.

Connell said he told department heads to remember that their jobs are to serve residents.

Just like the stadium is already paying for itself.

3 Responses “A Lesson in Opportunity Cost: This Is Too Easy”

  1. Don S says:

    Even better the article by Cammie Young in the Daily Post states that Mr. Jock ” pay for itself from Day one” Connell has mentioned the word layoff as one method of reducing cost. I seem to remember that he rebuffed the layoff word about three weeks ago when needing 19 million more for the stadium.

    I can only hope that all the wonderful suporters of this stadium start to complain about the increase fees for services. 

  2. Rick says:

    So now the county is going to cut service or increase fees to help pay for this boondoggle. Nice. I hope the workers that get laid off appreciate all that the county has done for them in bringing the team to Gwinnett. Maybe their unemployment checks will have the new team logo on them.

  3. Lou says:

    To be sure I understand, you DO NOT support a new Gwinnet stadium?