Putting Things in Perspective

$700 billion could build 437.5 new Yankee Stadiums. I’m not sure which is more absurd: that $700 billion buys so many stadiums or that it buys so few.

Addendum: Alternatively, it could build 11,864.4 Gwinnett Braves stadiums (at $59 million a pop). Expect this number to fall in the coming months.

4 Responses “Putting Things in Perspective”

  1. dan says:

    How many birthday cakes can it buy?

    Have a good one.

  2. JC, I’m assuming you’re more of an Austrian guy buy this post.

    For anyone interested, there’s lots of good reading here:

  3. JC says:

    I don’t buy Austrian Business Cycle theory.

  4. Rick says:

    I’m curious about how many of those $2500 seats they will sell now. From what I’ve heard you have to buy 4 for per game in a season ticket package. Color me funny, but $810,00 is a little much to see a game in the new Toilet. I have a feeling that that would be an entertainment expense that might be looked at a little funny in today’s economic climate. It is nice that they have fewer seats that people can actually afford for the fans that they appreciate so much.