More Evidence that Protection Doesn’t Exist

From Will Carroll and Eric Seidman.

Andre Ethier recently said that he felt he was seeing better pitches with Manny Ramirez batting behind him….To test this, I looked at the Pitch F/X data for Ethier from 3/31 to 8/27, when he was not hitting ahead of Manny, and compared it to the data from 8/28 until the end of the season, when Manny was protecting him….He saw virtually the same amount of fastballs and same percentage of pitches in a pretty generous strike zone before hitting in front of Manny and after. It might seem like he is seeing better pitches but it could be some type of placebo effect.

This fits with what I’ve found. Thanks to studes for the pointer.

4 Responses “More Evidence that Protection Doesn’t Exist”

  1. Softball Girl says:

    That’s not proof that it doesn’t exist. It’s proof that it exists only in the player’s head. Which, in Ethier’s case, is working for him.

  2. JC says:

    I use “exists” to mean it actually exists. Plenty of impossible notions exist in human minds.

  3. Softball Girl says:

    Ok. Sorry. I was being a jackass. I hate comments like that.  I agree that Ethier was wrong is his assumption. But I do think there can be something to protection even if it’s all mental.