World Series Predictions

Rich Lederer has collected World Series predictions from several past Baseball Analyst contributors. He asked each participant to comment on the winner (1), the series length (2), and why (3)?

Here is my prediction.

J.C. Bradbury, economist and operator of

1. Rays

2. 7 games

3. I believe the Rays have the edge with starting pitching.

I was a bit briefer than most with my explanation, but I think it’s really that simple. The teams appear to be quite equal, but I think the Rays superior starting pitching will win out. I’m looking forward to an exciting Series!

6 Responses “World Series Predictions”

  1. Millsy says:

    Can your readers guess, too?

    1) Rays
    2) in 6
    3) Because, despite superior starting pitching, Hamels is hot and the Rays middle relief will blow one in a game where their starter doesn’t make it to Price closing it out.

  2. leviinalaska says:

    I think the Rays can win every game that Hamels doesn’t start. I put my money on the Rays in 6.

  3. Edward says:

    Geez, if only the Phillies blew a 7-0 lead in a potential World Series clincher, proceeded to lose the next game to cause a game seven and hadn’t won the NLCS in five games, they would be the hot topic of conversation. They had been out of action for over a week and there simply wasn’t been much to talk about.  The old Team Tugger and Team Krukker retrospectives serve their purpose for us Phillies die-hards but they don’t make headlines; it’s time to play ball!

    I had the Phillies winning in five if Hamels won game one, which he did.  If Myers’ right personality shows up for game 2 and Moyer is able to exploit the impatient bats of the Rays (2nd in the AL in Strikeouts during the regular season), the Phillies may sweep.  All are big ifs but certainly possible.  It also helps that Howard won’t see another left handed starter until game five (game four if Kazmir goes on three days rest).  Go Phils!

  4. Ron E. says:

    I’m rooting for the Rays, but I think it will be the Phillies in 6. Brad Lidge will be the difference maker.

  5. Kyle James says:

    Yup I’m agreeing with leviinalaska I predicted Rays in 5 but didn’t take Hamels into the equation.

    Hitting wins games, but Pitching wins championships and the Rays have a great rotation.

  6. Rick says:

    Can I change my prediction?