Happy Christmas

Peace on Earth

I wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

4 Responses “Happy Christmas”

  1. Mac says:

    Wait… you bought your daughter a Francoeur jersey?

    Merry Christmas.

  2. leviinalaska says:

    Thank you, J.C. I hope that you and your family (and the Braves) have a prosperous New Year. (And while I’m hoping…here’s hoping you keep up Sabernomics in 2009…)

  3. Johnny says:

    JC, Love Sabernomics.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    But shouldn’t your daughter wear the jersey of a good baseball player?

  4. Goo says:

    LOL, in the irony of all ironies, JC’s daughter sports a Jeff Francoeur jersey!

    Happy Holidays, nonetheless. 🙂