A Challenge from the Commissioner

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners Chair Charles Bannister issued the following statement during his State of the County address yesterday.

The stadium is progressing nicely and is going to be a jewel in all of minor league baseball as well as a fun place to take the family close to home.

It would have been great to have sold the naming rights to the stadium by now, but corporations are doing the same thing we’re all doing – tightening our belts.

We’ve taken some hits from critics over our stadium, but that’s OK. I know I speak for my fellow commissioners when I say we’ll gladly take those hits and invite those critics to check back in a few years.

Let me be as clear as I can be about this: The Braves moving their Triple-A team to Gwinnett is good business for our county. The stadium is an economic development project that is a wise investment in our future, one that will benefit us tremendously over the long haul.

Don’t worry, I will check back. The question is will you be around, or sitting on a dock in Hall County? Again, I ask the County to find even one academic economist—more would be preferable given the overwhelming consensus among economists on my side—who is not being paid by the County or other affiliates with a stake in the project to state that this will boost the County’s economy, just one.

Instead, I guess we’ll just have to settle for Nigel Tufnel’s rhetorical strategy.

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