So, Why Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel?

I nominate this for Tyler Cowen’s “Markets in Everything” series.


SELLING THE HEART AND SOUL OF ONE USED ATLANTA BRAVES FAN. For 25 years I have proudly stood by my team in the good seasons and the bad. I’ve been around for worst to first and I was there when Sid slid. I grew up listening to Skip, Pete, Don & Joe call the games and felt like I had lost a family member when Skip left us. I have always been proud to call the Braves MY TEAM no matter what. When the Braves allowed John Smoltz to leave for Boston they allowed the heart of the franchise to walk right out of the front door and should be ashamed of themselves. Money should not have been an object in these negotiations…John Smoltx IS the Braves. The ownership and management of the Atlanta Braves should be ashamed of themselves, not only have the let down themselves, their team, and the city of Atlanta but they have shattered the core of the Braves family. Upon selling my support for the Braves I will no longer attend games, watch them on TV, listen on the radio, or follow them online. I am unable to support a team who so haphazardly gave up the FACE of the franchise. This is a sad day for Atlanta and for Braves fans everywhere. Congratulations Boston you just recieved THE CLASS ACT of major league baseball and he will literally pitch for you until his arm falls off. 100% of the winning bid for this auction will go directly to the John Smoltz foundation. The focus of The John Smoltz Foundation is to serve and fund organizations that change the lives of children and adults in a profound and positive way. The John Smoltz Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people who in turn will pave the way for others to do the same.

Here’s an image from Talking Chop.

talking chop

I wouldn’t get too down. A year ago, Atlanta residents felt similarly about the Falcons.

12 Responses “So, Why Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel?”

  1. Kent says:

    Just…a bit much??  

  2. Ed says:

    This reminds me of when the Giants let Will Clark walk.  Quite painful for the very loyal fan base. 

    I know it’s a business, but sometimes good business requires you to making a decision to keep your customers happy.  Sometimes I wished owners thought of us as customers instead of fans.  They’ve got all the data to know how much we spend, both those who go to games and those who loyally follow from a distance.

    A Braves fan will continue cheering for the team, but a Braves customer will be disappointed in the quality of the product and be hesitant to spend on what is being offered.

  3. randy says:

    Love the blog JC but I am disappointed that you published this nonsense.  The fans need to dry the tears and realize that winning is the product/service that the customers (fans) pay for.  Sports is entertainment and I’m the most entertained when the Braves win.  Love John Smoltz, but winning is also the most important thing for him too.  He is kidding himself when he says that this is about 3 mill.

  4. randy says:

    I neglected to read Ed’s comments before I submitted my own.  Good point Ed about the distinction between a fan and a customer.  I am a fan of food both for the necessity of it and for the flavor but I won’t keep going to crappy restaurants with bland food and poor service just because I like food.  Again, I am a huge fan of Smoltz (even now), however, for the sake of a good TEAM and the chance to win, it was in both the interest of the Braves and Smoltz to move on.  Both sides get what they want here.  I would argue that the Braves were thinking of the fans as customers when they offered him a contract to begin with.

  5. Simon says:

    Not sure whether this comment is better placed here or on the previous post but what the……

    “McDowell and Braves manager Bobby Cox joined general manager Frank Wren at Turner Field on Thursday afternoon to share a three-hour meeting with Lowe and his agent, Scott Boras.

    While entertaining Lowe with a recruiting video that included clips from country music recording star Alan Jackson, the Braves got a better sense of what the veteran pitcher and Boras are seeking”

    From the latest Bowman article on

    Apart from clips of country music stars what else does this “recruiting” video have on it? And did they show it to all the other potential recruits? Maybe I’m way out of the loop on this, only managing a small UK based business, but recruiting video? Is that really going to impress someone? If I was Derek Lowe I’d wan’t to know what you were planning to do about the outfield and the other spots in the starting rotation, not what a country music ‘star’ thought about the braves.

  6. mravery says:

    I’m confused. Did you just compare John Smoltz to Michael Vick?

  7. JC says:

    I was referring to fan confidence in the franchise.

  8. Victor says:

    Randy, the image from Talking Chop looks like whining when taken out of context, but it really is about dealing with all the whiners that have invaded the blog during the off season.

  9. Marc Schneider says:

    What a crock!  If this guy has been following the Braves for 25 years, I assume he is an adult–this sounds more like a teenage girl.  How much do you want to bet this person will be watching and cheering if “we” win the World Series? 

  10. Edward says:

    You’re correct, Marc.  He will be one of the 25,000 Braves fans watching and cheering at Turner Field the next time they make it to the World Series.

  11. Jason W says:

    I’m waiting for all the Braves fans to say “I knew we shouldn’t have re-signed him” when Smoltz blows out his arm in mid-May.

  12. Lori says:

    I don’t think you should be attacking the Braves– so much as you should be disappointed with John Smoltz.  He has always been my favorite pitcher, so it pains me to say this, but he made the ultimate decision.  He is the one who thought the Braves offer was not enough.   So, if you wanna get upset, get upset at him.  Don’t blame the Braves.  Stick by your team, as I will continue to do, if you want to be known as a true fan.