Removing the Comments Feature

Yesterday, as I was reviewing comments I began to wonder, “what do we get out of these comments?”

I rarely read the comments at the blogs that I visit; and when I do, I don’t take much away from them. I get some good comments here, but the vast majority of them do not further the discussion. And even the good comments would likely have been e-mailed to me if I didn’t have comments.

And then there are the bad comments. Oh boy! Some of the things that people write…it’s just too easy to hit that send button. I’d say that a majority of the questions or suggestions in the comments are about topics that I have already addressed. It’s quite common for people to post without even reading what has already been written.

In addition, the internet seems to have evolved into blogs and commenting sites/forums. I think commentary would be best on the latter sites.

So, I have decided to remove the comments feature. All previous comments will remain, but the option to comment further is now gone. Consider this an experiment for now. I may end up bringing them back, and there may be instances when I open up comments on individual posts. But for now, the default is comments off.

I do appreciate those of you who consistently offer good comments. I thank you for your contributions, and feel free to send me your comments via e-mail.

Addendum: In lieu of comments, I have enabled trackbacks.


  1. […] For less supported blogs, managing comments falls on the author. And consequently, we now have a couple of examples where the fourth option has been taken. In October of 2007, Gregory Mankiw eliminated the comments feature on his blog.  And now JC Bradbury – at Sabernomics – has followed Mankiw’s example. […]