Gwinnett Tax Increases Pass


Gwinnett County passed a $1.7 billion budget Tuesday that may, for the first time in more than a decade, raise the mill levy on property….

County officials cut $40 million from the original budget proposed in December, and 108 jobs have been eliminated since then. Officials estimate they will need $62 million in additional revenues — additional fees or property taxes — to fund the budget and its future public safety programs.


While an increase in property taxes has not been determined, the budget calls for $62 million in additional revenues. Deputy County Administrator Mike Comer said officials estimate the taxes could increase $12 to $13 a month on a home valued at $200,000….

County Administrator Jock Connell said officials have foreseen the need for a tax increase for years.

“We have lived off growth for a number of years. There are some good things with that and there are some bad things when growth stops,” he said. “What we’ve attempted to do here was balance service needs with revenues with cuts. …

“(This budget) gives us a platform and a foundation that we can continue to steer this ship through rough waters. But this is not the end of our decisions.”

Really? I don’t remember hearing any news of the shortfall when he introduced the Braves stadium. Gosh, if only the County could find another $64 million. Where could we find that? I wonder if the new budget includes a raise for Connell, who earns $234,000 per year with perks.

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