The Fielding Bible II: Runs Saved

I didn’t have more than a few minutes to glance through The Fielding Bible II last night, but I see nothing but improvements to what I already considered to be baseball’s best defensive measurement system. If you want to evaluate fielding, then you should be using The Fielding Bible.

Here is an excerpt that describes the newest Plus/Minus-based metric Runs Saved and lists the leaders by position for the past three seasons.

Here are the best defenders by position in terms of total Runs Saved from 2006–2008.

Pos.	Player		Runs Saved
1B	Albert Pujols	61
2B	Chase Utley	63
3B	Pedro Feliz	50
SS	Adam Everett	48
LF	Alfonso Soriano	42
CF	Carlos Beltran	44
RF	Alex Rios	49
C	Jason Kendall	27
P	Kenny Rogers	27


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