Assorted Links

— An invention to reduce the danger of broken bats. Cool, if it works.

— Maury Brown scoops the traditional news outlets with the news that the BALCO case leaker Troy Ellerman was released from prison early. Here’s some advice for the kids: if you’re going to break the law, do drugs so you can get out of jail sooner.

Did Jeff Novitzki fabricate the 2003 failed drug test list? Possibly, but given the response of the players and the ensuing court battle over the list, I doubt it.

— Is it time for Bobby Cox to go? Mark Bradley thinks so. Though I’m a Cox fan, I believe that it is time for the skipper to move on; though, not for all the reasons Bradley cites. Cox has done a poor job at managing the bullpen and using Greg Norton in tight spots when other superior hitters were available on the bench. Oh, and never benching Jeff Francoeur is still unexplainable. I estimate that Cox’s use of Francoeur over Matt Diaz has cost the Braves about $2 million a season in lost production. Most of all, the general atmosphere that surrounds the club seems to indicate that it is time for a change.

— Objective journalism fail: The Gwinnett Daily Post has yet to report that the County failed to sell its stadium’s naming rights by the contractual deadline. (no link).

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