Question of the Day

This was originally a Facebook/Twitter post, but I think it’s an appropriate blog post as well:

If the Braves make the playoffs, does Kelly Johnson make the post-season roster?

Yesterday, Bobby Cox used Greg Norton, Brooks Conrad, and Omar Infante as pinch hitters. Reid Gorecki and Ryan Church—whom I assumed was too hurt to play when he didn’t pinch hit, but I guess not—got in the game on defense (RG also pinch ran). And despite the addition of Clint Sammons as the third catcher, David Ross also sat out. Matt Diaz and Adam LaRoche are having their at-bats reduced by hitting at the bottom of the order, while Garret Anderson hits in the five-hole. I don’t get this use of roster resources.

My conclusion: I think it’s unlikely that Kelly Johnson makes a post-season roster.

4 Responses “Question of the Day”

  1. cliff says:

    But obviously Greg Norton will be on the postseason roster because he has done so much to get this team there.

    Actually, if Kelly Johnson had hit instead of Greg Norton in every instance where he could have (because he was available and not already in the game, probably 10 or more, at least a couple of times Kelly has run for Norton) the Braves would probably have 2 extra wins and be 1/2 game out.

    What the Braves really need to do is carry Manny Acosta (who can’t pitch) and Boone Logan (who might be o.k., but rarely gets used) and have 11 or 12 pitchers and leave Kelly off.

  2. Will says:


  3. Johnny says:

    Its this type of player usage that has gotten Bobby excorciated in the blogosphere. I agree KJ won’t be on any post season roster, not that I have any hope that we’ll get there.

  4. Russ says:

    I agree that Kelly likely won’t be on the roster but having Norton on it would be malpractice from Wren and Cox. It is Wren’s duty to leave Norton off to prevent Bobby from using him because you know that he would use the “professional” pitch hitter!

    Every time Norton comes to the plate, I want Bobby’s retirement party to be this Sunday rather than at the end of next season.